Warranties and repair : Bijoux Prives Spirit



private sales of jewels : SAV bijouxrivés One defect: No panic ! A team dedicated at your service !

Bijoux Prives offers to all its customers products of an impeccable quality of manufacture. Unfortunately, some hidden defects can always appear, despite the constant control of our teams.

Do not panic ! Send us an e-mail at "contact us" to report it upon receipt of your order. Our after-sales service team will contact you to explain the return procedure.

Expertise will be provided to understand the problem encountered with our manufacturers or creators. Refund, credit, exchange, will be proposed to you instantly.



warranties and repair the jewelry A confessed fault: surely redressed

Dropping your jewelry or accidently breaking it can happen in everyday life.

Be honest and transparent about the circumstances and we commit ourselves to contact our collaborators, manufacturers, creators in order to complete a repair.

Our agreements with our partners will allow you to have a repair at the best price, with dedicated knowledge

As a Bijoux Prives customer, we guarantee you to refurbish your jewelry.
You will quickly forget this little incident.